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  • Tuesday 19 January 2021
  • The HIGH-EF consortium gathers 8 multi-disciplinary organizations coming from 3 different member states (France, Germany, Hungary) and 1 associated country (Switzerland).

    The profile of the consortium is as follows:

    • 4 RTD performers (IPHT, EMPA, CNRS, MFA) deeply involved in materials science and solid state physics, in general and particularly in the semiconductor science and technology field

    • 1 large, internationally operating industrial thin-film PV manufacturer (CSG), which will assure the market entry of the novel material if the efficiency data suggests this

    • 2 large, internationally operating equipment manufacturers (HJY, BH) with the necessary expertise to build and integrate diode laser arrays and to build metrology equipment for the semiconductor fields (microelectronics, silicon PV), in particular also Raman equipment for the fast, reliable and non-destructive measurement of stresses, orientations and doping levels in semiconductors; here, the challenge is to upscale the method to really fast data acquisition on large areas.

    • 1 large company (ALMA) specialized in the management of European RTD projects.

    high-ef map