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  • Wednesday 02 December 2020
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    CSG Solar AG uses a superior, patented light trapping and contacting scheme specifically designed for crystalline silicon thin film solar cells. This technology facilitates CSG to produce record efficiencies even on large scale and comparatively poor semiconductor material quality.

    CSG’s main interest in the HIGH-EF project is in improving material quality to further increase solar module efficiencies.



    Key personal:

    Dr. Jens Schneider coordinates CSG Solar’s research activities within Europe. He joined CSG Solar as process specialist in September 2005. He received his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Technology Berlin in 2006. The thesis topic was ‘Nucleation and growth during the formation of polycrystalline silicon thin films’. Experimentation was done at Hahn-Meitner-Institute-Berlin within the European Research Project METEOR (ENK5-CT-2001-00543).

    Role in the project:

    CSG provides expertise from a solar module, industrial production perspective.
    Furthermore CSG provides pre-treated glass substrates for laser crystallisation and solid phase epitaxy and produces devices from the new HIGH-EF material.
    Together with Oclaro and Horiba Jobin Yvon CSG implements the developed technology in an industrial production environment.